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Downloading additional software packages

Reciprocal Net site software is distributed as a set of three RPM packages.† Those RPM packages depend upon several dozen other RPM packages that are published and distributed by other organizations in the open-source world.† The easiest way to obtain precisely those packages your server needs is to download them using yum.

The Reciprocal Net project maintains a yum repository of RPM packages on its Internet web site.† To tell yum how to access this repository, it is necessary to install a small .repo file on your system.† From the GNOME desktop, launch the program Applications/Accessories/Terminal to get to a command prompt. †At the command prompt, type the following command (all on one line):

wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d /recipnet.repo

.† Then, type the following command (all on one line):

wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d /recipnet-jpackage-rhel5.repo

.† yum now is able to access packages in the Reciprocal Net projectís repository and also those in the JPackage projectís repository.

Next, from the GNOME desktop navigate to the Applications menu and launch the Add/Remove Software program.† In the window that opens, click the List tab.† The program will trundle for a moment and then display a list of all software packages available for download.

Scroll through the list and select the following three packages: recipnet-site-server, recipnet-site-utils, and recipnet-site-webapp.† Click the Apply button.† In the confirmation window that appears, click the Continue button.† A Resolving dependencies window will appear with a progress bar; this step may take a moment.

TIPŤ At this point, on some distributions of GNU/Linux, a dependency error may appear that mentions the xml-commons and xml-commons-apis packages, version number 0:1.3.02-0.b2.7jpp.10 .† You can resolve the error by returning to the list of software packages, finding the package named xml-commons-apis, clearing the check box beside it, and clicking the Apply button again.

In the Dependencies added window that appears, note that a few dozen other packages have been detected as necessary for your system and will be installed at the same time.† Click the Continue button.† A Downloading packages window will appear with a progress bar; this step may take several minutes depending upon the speed of your Internet connection.

An Import key window may appear asking permission to trust software published by the JPackage project.† Verify that the key ID reads 0xC431416D .† Click the Import key button.

A second Import key window may appear for the Reciprocal Net project.† Verify that the key ID reads 0x4889CA78 .† Click the Import key button.

An Updating software window will appear with another progress bar.† This step also may take a few minutes.† Finally, a Software installation completed window will appear.† Click the OK button and quit the Package Manager program.

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