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Downloading software updates (again)

In the preceding sections, a number of new software packages were downloaded and installed onto your server.  Now it is necessary to verify that your system is equipped with the most recent releases of those software packages.

As before, navigate to the Applications/System Tools menu and launch the Software Updater program.  Verify that all of the available packages are selected.  Click the Apply updates button.  A progress bar appears and packages are downloaded.

TIPè Although Red Hat Enterprise Linux is generally compatible with the packages published by the JPackage Project, the same is not true for all GNU/Linux distributions.  On some distributions, cryptic but persistent package dependency errors may appear.  The short-term solution is to unselect available updates one-by-one until you discover some combination of packages that can install successfully onto your system.  Longer-term, such disagreements tend to be resolved by operating system distributors and package maintainers.

After each round of updates, repeat the process until no further updates remain.

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