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Customizing Httpd settings

Apache Httpd is a web server engine that answers requests from web browsers.  Its web content lives beneath the /var/www/html/ directory of the file system.  You are free to place any web content you like on your server (so long as it doesn’t interfere with the recipnet directory).  In case your server has no other content, Reciprocal Net has installed a simple index.html file in that directory that redirects visitors to the site software web application.  Thus, web content customization is optional but not necessary.

Start the Httpd daemon by launching the Service Configuration program, highlighting httpd, and clicking Start.

Next, ensure that the Httpd daemon will auto-start every time the computer boots.  At a command prompt, type:

chkconfig httpd on

The resourceful system administrator will make many changes to the configuration of Apache Httpd beyond those described here – increasing performance and improving security are two common tasks.  Plenty of excellent documentation about administering Httpd is available online at

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