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Administering the Site Software

Web site customization

The Reciprocal Net site software’s web application includes an image at the top of each web page that identifies the site’s sponsor.  Normally this is the logo of the crystallography lab that has joined the Reciprocal Net Site Network.  You should replace this image file with one that includes the logo of your institution. 

The image file is located on your server at /var/www/html/recipnet/images/sitesponsor.gif.  Use the picture editing program of your choice to modify the file, but please maintain the existing image’s size of 256 by 72 pixels.  You can see examples of other site’s logos by visiting and clicking on Partner sites.

There is no need to restart any daemons once you have replaced the sitesponsor.gif file.  Apache Httpd makes the new file available to web browsers immediately.

The Reciprocal Net site software will not interfere with normal operation of the web site hosted on your server (by Apache Httpd).  The site software web application will be accessible under the /recipnet/ URL, but content placed anywhere else in your web tree should not be affected.  Similarly, it is possible to modify Apache Httpd’s configuration file to support other applications on your web site without interfering with the site software’s operation.

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