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Configuring sample number auto-generation

Every sample record your lab creates within Reciprocal Net site software must have its own sample number, a 32-character alphanumeric label.  This label is entered at the time each sample record is created.  Some labs, as a matter of procedure, set this label in accordance with an existing, paper-based filing system.  Other labs may prefer to have the sample number auto-generated is accordance with rules they set up.

In a default configuration, sample number auto-generation is disabled.  System administrators can enable it by editing recipnetd.conf to include the configuration directives SamLocalLabIdPrefixXXXXX and SamLocalLabIdAutoDigitsXXXXX. For example:



where 12345 is the numeric id of the lab that will use this auto-generator, prefix is the sequence of characters that will be prepended to each sample number, and 3 is the number of digits to be included in each sample number.  These example directives would lead to sample numbers prefix001, prefix002, prefix003, and so forth.

The numeric lab id required by the directive can be found by using the recipnet web app, logging on as a site administrator, going to Administrative Tools, and going to the Edit Lab page for the desired lab.

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