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New features of interest in release 0.9.0

This release of Reciprocal Net site software required longer than three years to craft.  There are more than 100,000 lines of new code.  Particularly noteworthy features include:

·       Interactive population of sample metadata fields from .cif data files.

·       Interactive, web-based creation of .crt, .ort, and .pdb data files to facilitate visualization and modeling.

·       New ways to upload data files, including dragging-and-dropping to the web site.

·       Improved display of chemical formulae, space group symbols, and lengthy IUPAC-standard names.

·       New ways to search: by individual provider names, atom counts, space group symbols, and intuitive unit cell matching.

·       Configurable, per-user preferences for field suppression, search defaults, and file management defaults.

·       Users can self-manage their passwords.

·       Sample providers can be authorized to create new sample records.

·       Descriptive textual labels can be attached to data files.

·       Enhanced sample correction, reversion, and retraction functionalities.

·       Flexible validation for several metadata fields.

·       Eliminated requirements for .sdt data files.

·       Optional auto-generation of unique sample numbers according to local rules.

·       Language-specific customizations for U.S. English and U.K. English; improved support for non-Latin characters.

·       New sample annotation type for URL’s to raw frame storage areas.

·       Improved appearance of rendered structures via JaMM1 and JaMM2 applets.

·       Multiple enhancements and bug fixes to facilitate harvesting by the National Science Digital Library via the OAI-PMH protocol.

·       Increased speed for searches and several web pages.

·       Compatibility with the newest distributions of GNU/Linux, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1, Fedora Core 8, and the newest supporting software packages.

·       Increased stability: several bugs triggered by heavy server loads and several bugs that caused “deadlock” errors in recipnetd are fixed.

·       Diminished need for hard resets due to resilient connections among site software components.

·       The rmiregistry daemon and mod_recipnet_auth connector are no longer required nor supported.

·       Several bugs that sometimes interrupted repository file management are fixed.

·       Improved detection for data files uploaded to the server by non-traditional means.

·       Consistency in appearance from page to page due to implementation of an extensive custom tag library.

·       Compatibility with Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), a technology for increasing the security of Internet servers.

·       Additionally, several hundred minor interface enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes are included in this release.

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