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Preparatory steps for new sites



If you have not done so already, you should consider consulting with your organization’s information technology support group about this new server.  They may have certain configuration preferences or tips to share with you, and they may be able to provide technical assistance with system administration to you.  GNU/Linux system administration is not for the faint of heart.

You cannot bring a new Reciprocal Net site online until your crystallography laboratory has received permission to join the Reciprocal Net Site Network and has obtained a site grant file.  This is a binary configuration file that is not downloadable online – you must request it separately.  See page 50 for a more thorough discussion of what this file is and why you need it.

Only the Reciprocal Net Coordinator can issue site grant files.  Currently the Coordinator function is being performed by the Molecular Structure Center at Indiana University.  To obtain the file, send an e-mail to Dr. Maren Pink ( telling her that you wish to join the Reciprocal Net site network.  She’ll contact you offline (probably via telephone or videoconference) just to say hello and to arrange for the file exchange.  The process normally takes a couple of business days.  You will need to have received your recipnet.sitegrant file in order to complete the instructions in this chapter.

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