Information about the Java Applets

This server provides Java applets designed for viewing, manipulating, and plotting crystallographic models via a Java-enabled browser. The various JaMM (Java Applet for Molecular Modeling) applets will allow you to view a structural model in 3-D as well as to rotate, translate, and scale it, and produce ray-traced (JPEG) or ORTEP (Postscript and/or JPEG) images of it. JaMM 2 provides wireframe, ball and stick, and space-filled viewing options, and can report inter-atomic distances and angles, but requires Java 2, a plug-in which is included only with Netscape 6 at the time of this writing. In order to run JaMM 2 with another browser, it is necessary to obtain Sun's Java plug-in, version 1.2.1 or later. If you don't need plots or measurements, and if wireframe-only is sufficient for you, then miniJaMM is a lightweight applet that will run in most Java-enabled browsers with or without the Java plug-in. And for those who appreciate classics (or who want plots but don't want to bother with a plug-in), JaMM 1 remains an option as well. With JaMM 1, a pop-up window will appear upon clicking on the applet that will allow the user to change the display of the molecule and to find inter-atomic distances and angles. Yet another applet is available for educational purposes, and is so-named JaMMed. This applet also requires Sun's Java plugin version 1.2 or higher (1.4 is recommend). To manipulate this applet, the user can type "r" to rotate the molecule, type "h" to show the hydrogen atoms, type "l" to label the atoms, and type "a" to show the atomic coordinates.