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Calcite is the most common form of calcium carbonate.

Chemical Formula: Ca(CO3)
Other names: Calcium carbonate
Layman's explanation: Calcite is an essential mineral in limestone and marble which are used in the building, steel, chemical, and glass industry. It is found in abundance on the earth. Calcite was first produced in translucent ("Iceland Spar") form in the seventeenth century for optical uses. In 1928, William Nicol used it for Polaroid Sunglasses in an effort to deflect the sunlight. Today, calcite has a large number of uses: optical and crystallography research; as a component of animal feed, antacids, statues, and dough strengthener; in the production of paper and photography; and to make mortar, cement, concrete and asphalt.
Keywords: limestone, marble, Iceland Spar, optical

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