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Scalaradial is a compound found in marine sponges.

Chemical Formula: C27H40O4
Other names: 12-Acetyloxy-4,4,8,19-tetramethyl-D-homoandrost-16-ene-17,17adicarboxaldehyde
Layman's explanation: Scalaradial is a terpenoid that serves as a major metabolite in sponges of the Cacospongia genus (Pacific). It is very useful therapeutically because it serves as a potent inhibitor of enzymes that cause inflammation, especially those in bee venom. In nature, scalaradial is ingested by mollusks which transform it into various metabolites that are used for defensive purposes. Research is currently underway to determine if Cacospongia sponges can be grown and harvested for their scalaradial.
Keywords: anti-inflammatory, sponge

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