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Halite is one of many substances that are essential for human life.

Chemical Formula: NaCl
Other names: Sodium chloride
Layman's explanation: Halite, also known as common salt and rock salt, is a clear or white mineral but can also be found in blue, green, violet, gray, orange yellow, red and pink crystals. It contains ca. 95 to 99% of NaCl. Halite is one of many substances that are essential for human life. Halite is composed of sodium cations and chlorine anions in equal proportion. Halite is found in many localities, for example, Austria, Germany, Poland and other numerous localities in United Sates. The agricultural industry uses halite for a variety of purposes such as cattle feed stocks, fertilizers, and weed killers. In many areas with severe winter weather, halite is used regularly as a road deicer. Salt is used for seasoning food and as a preservative both in the home and in the food processing industry.
Keywords: mineral salt, mineral, salt

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