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Methyl Acrylate

Methyl Acrylate is a component tobacco smoke.

Chemical Formula: C4H6O2
Other names: Methyl Acrylate
Layman's explanation: Commercially available since 1944, methyl acrylate is a clear, colorless liquid with a sweet, fruity odor. This lachrymator often found in tobacco smoke, is used in the manufacturing of polymers, leather finishing, resins, textile, paper coatings, and plastic films. It is highly flammable and polymerizes explosively with exposure to light or heat. Inhibition by hydroquinone monomethyl ether, MEHQ, helps to prevent this problem. Because MEHQ functionality is reliant on oxygen, methyl acrylate must never be stored in an inert environment. Contact with skin will lead to severe deep burns, while ingestion or inhalation could lead to nausea, cough and abdominal pain. The liver, lungs, and kidneys are target organs for this compound, and medical attention should be sought immediately upon exposure.
Keywords: MEHQ, tobacco smoke, polymers manufacture, Lachrymator

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