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Methyl Cyanide

Methyl cyanide, also known as Acetonitrile, is used for the preparation of pharmaceuticals.

Chemical Formula: C2H3N1
Other names: methanecarbonitrile
Layman's explanation: Methyl Cyanide is a toxic, colorless liquid with an aromatic (ether like) odor and forms explosive mixtures with air. It is a critical solvent for several important processes e.g., it is widely used as a mobile phase solvent in chromatography applications, as a wash solvent and in preparing reagent solutions for oligonucleotide synthesis. It is employed in the manufacturing of acrylic fibers, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, nitrile rubber, batteries, pesticides, and inorganic salts. It can be utilized to remove tars, phenols, and coloring matter from petroleum hydrocarbons, to extract fatty acids from fish liver, animal, and vegetable oils, and to recrystallize steroids.
Keywords: nitrile rubber, chromatography, solvent

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