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Phenylmercuric acetate

Phenylmercuric acetate is used as herbicide and fungicide for crops.

Chemical Formula: C8H8HgO2
Other names: acetoxyphenylmercury, phenylmercury (II) acetate, phenylmercury acetate
Layman's explanation: Phenylmercuric acetate is white to white-yellow crystalline powder that is odorless. This phenyl mercury compound is used mainly as a fungicide, herbicide, slimicide and bacteriocide. Phenylmercuric acid serves as a preservative in canned paint, eye ointments and drops, injectable solutions, skin disinfectants and in cosmetics products such as hair shampoos, mouthwashes and toothpastes. It is also used in contraceptive gels and foams. Phenylmercuric acetate is prepared by interaction of benzene with mercuric acetate in glacial acetic acid. Phenylmercuric acetate's former production and use as a fungicide and as a mildew inhibitor in paints may have resulted in its direct release to the environment. This substance is very toxic to aquatic organisms and may be hazardous to the environment.
Keywords: herbicide, fungicide

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