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Phosgene is a colorless, nonflammable gas at room temperature and a colorless, fuming liquid below 47F.

Chemical Formula: CCl2O
Other names: Carbonic dichloride
Layman's explanation: Phosgene is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of many chemicals including polycarbonates, pesticides, isocyanates, dyes, pharmaceuticals, and polyurethane. Phosgene is a combustion by-product of most volatile chlorinated compounds. It is released into the environment when household substances such as paint removers, dry-cleaning fluids, and certain solvents are exposed to fire or heat. Phosgene reacts violently and decomposes to toxic compounds on contact with moisture. It is highly toxic and it is an irritant to the respiratory tract, skin, and eyes. Phosgene poisoning may cause cardiovascular and respiratory failure.
Keywords: toxic, pesticides, dyes, irritant

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