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Halomon is a marine toxin that displays anti-tumor activity.

Chemical Formula: C10H15Br2Cl3
Other names: 6(R)-Bromo-3(S)-bromoethyl-7-methyl-2,3,7-trichloro-1-octene
Layman's explanation: Recently scientists have been searching various areas of the world for halomon, a marine toxin, with attempts and hopes of creating a new treatment for cancer and possibly HIV. Halomon is a naturally occurring, halogen-containing compound that displays characteristics of anti-tumor activity. However, it is difficult to obtain data on the biological activity of halomon considering the limited amount available for testing. The NCI supports the Coral Reef Research foundation in traveling to the Indopacifc region to search for red algae to collect samples. When samples are collected, they are immediately frozen until they can be used for screening purposes. While screening, the Halomon is tested for certain types of cancer such as: leukemia, melanoma, breast, central nervous system, colon, renal, and ovarian cancers.
Keywords: anti-tumor, marine toxin

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