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Malachite is a carbonate that is an important ore of copper, an ornamental stone, a pigment, and a component of jewelry.

Chemical Formula: Cu2(CO3)(OH)2
Other names: Dicopper Dihydroxide Carbonate
Layman's explanation: Malachite was named for the Greek word for mallow, a green-colored herb. It was found in Egyptian tomb paintings since the fourth dynasty and in European paintings in the 15th and 16th centuries. The source of malachite is primarily Nizhne-Taglisk, Ural Mountains, Russia. Malachite is very popular in jewelry, especially Native American jewelry, where it is often paired with silver and turquoise. Interestingly enough, malachite is characteristically sensitive to acids and heat and is especially soluble in hydrochloric acid.
Keywords: carbonate, green, pigment, Mineral

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