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Chromium trioxide

Chromium trioxide reacts with most organic material in a violent and often explosive fashion.

Chemical Formula: CrO3
Other names: Chromium trioxide
Layman's explanation: Chromium trioxide is a crystalline solid with a dark red color. Chromium trioxide is used as a strong acid and oxidizing agent in laboratories. Chromium trioxide is one of the most powerful oxidizers known. It is also used to make chromates, oxidizing agents, catalysts; chromium plating intermediate; used to make ceramic glazes and colored glass; used in metal cleaning; used in inks, paints, and tanning; used in engraving and photography. Chromiunum trioxide have been classified as "select carcinogen" and long term exposure can cause ulceration of the repsiratory stystem and skin.
Keywords: Strong acid, oxidizing agent

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