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Empirical formula: C6H14O6
a: 4.791 Å
b: 9.488 Å
c: 17.731 Å
α (alpha): 90.00 °
β (beta): 94.45 °
γ (gamma): 90.00 °
Volume: 803.57 Å3
Space group: P21
Calculated density: 1.506 g/cm3
Z: 4
Temperature: -173.0 °C
Formula weight: 182.174 g/mole
R(F): 0.0500
Common name: D-Glucitol
CSD refcode: GLUCIT02
Common name: sorbitol
Short description: Sorbitol is a bulk sweetner with a pleasant taste. It is a suitable substitute for sugar.
CAS registry number: 50-70-4
Keyword: plasticizers
Keyword: sweet
Layman's explanation: A French chemist first discovered sorbitol in the berries of mountain ash in 1872. It occurs naturally in a wide variety of fruits and berries. It is also commercially produced today by the hydrogenation of glucose. Sorbitol is a bulk sweetener used in numerous products such as cough syrups, chewing gums, candies, frozen desserts, cookies, cakes, icings, and fillings. Sorbitol is used in manufacture of sorbose, ascorbic acid, propylene glycol, synthetic plasticizers and resins. This compound also has cosmetic uses as it is a component of some oral care products, hairsprays, deodorants, foundation makeup, and after-shave lotions.
Citation of a publication: A.Schouten, J.A.Kanters, J.Kroon, S.Comini, P.Looten, M.Mathlouthi; Carbohydr.Res., 312, (1998), 131
Lab name: Common molecules
Sample provider: Obtained courtesy of the Cambridge Structural Database
Status: Complete, visible to public
Repository Files:
50818.cif 50818.crt 50818.gif 50818.GIF 50818.ort
50818.pdb 50818.sdt 50818_a.crt

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