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Empirical formula: C18H36O2
a: 5.603 Å
b: 7.360 Å
c: 50.789 Å
α (alpha): 90.00 °
β (beta): 119.40 °
γ (gamma): 90.00 °
Volume: 1824.71 Å3
Space group: P21/a
Calculated density: 1.036 g/cm3
Z: 4
Temperature: 22.0 °C
Formula weight: 284.483 g/mole
R(F): 4.0000
Common name: octadecanoic acid
Common name: stearophanic acid
Common name: Stearic acid
Common name: cetylacetic acid
CSD refcode: STARAC05
Keyword: rubber
Keyword: cosmetics
Keyword: candles
Keyword: soaps
Short description: Stearic acid is used in making candles, soaps, cosmetic formulations and rubber.
IUPAC name: 1-heptadecarboxylic acid
Citation of a publication: F.Kaneko, M.Kobayashi, Y.Kitagawa, Y.Matsuura, Acta Crystallogr.,Sect.C:Cryst.Struct.Commun. , 46, 1490, 1990
Layman's explanation: Stearic acid is white leaflets, slightly yellow crystal masses or a white to slightly yellow powder. Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid found in low percentages in cotton, coconut, palm kernel, corn, palm, castor, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, herring, and tallow oils. It is also one of the fat components found in the cocoa butter of chocolate. It is prepared synthetically by hydrogenation of cottonseed and other vegetable oils or by treating animal fat with water at a high pressure and temperature. Stearic acid is useful as an ingredient in making candles, soaps, and for softening synthetic rubber. It is also a component of cosmetic formulations, pharmaceuticals creams and vanishing lotion. Stearic acid is practically nontoxic but the dust is irritating to eyes, nose, and throat and the solid is irritating to skin and eyes.
Lab name: Common molecules
Sample provider: Obtained courtesy of the Cambridge Structural Database
Status: Complete, visible to public
Repository Files:
52031.cif 52031.crt 52031.pdb

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