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Empirical formula: C60
a: 14.041 Å
b: 14.041 Å
c: 14.041 Å
α (alpha): 90.00 °
β (beta): 90.00 °
γ (gamma): 90.00 °
Volume: 2768.18 Å3
Space group: Pa-3
Calculated density: 1.729 g/cm3
Z: 4
Formula weight: 720.660 g/mole
R(F): 0.0230
Short description: Buckminsterfullerene is a spherical shaped allotrope of carbon discovered in 1985.
Keyword: buckyball
Keyword: nanotubes
Keyword: superconducter
Common name: Fullerene C60
Keyword: Buckminster Fullerene
Layman's explanation: Three professors are credited with the discovery of fullerenes, a family of symmetrical carbon-cage molecules. Buckyball is the the most abundant and well-known carbon-cage molecule consisting of 60 carbon atoms. This huge molecule is being studied by many scientists for its ability to serve as a conductor, insulator, semiconductor, and superconductor.
Citation of a publication: Nature, 353, (1991), p147; W.I.F.David, R.M.Ibberson, J.C.Matthewman
Lab name: Common molecules
Sample provider: Obtained from the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database
Status: Complete, visible to public
Repository Files:
50536.crt 50536.gif 50536.GIF 50536.ort 50536.pdb
50536.sdt 50536.xtel

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