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Reciprocal Net is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation as part of the National Science Digital Library project.  NSDL Logo
2021 - The Protein Data Bank Turns 50!

The Protein Data Bank (PDB) archive turns 50 this year. Congratulations and thank you. The PDB archives macromolecular structural data and makes them freely available to the global community. Symposia are planned to celebrate this milestone. Detailed information is available at https://foundation.wwpdb.org/pdb50.html"

Welcome to Reciprocal Net

The Reciprocal Net is a distributed database used by research crystallographers to store information about molecular structures; much of the data is available to the general public. The Reciprocal Net project is still under development. Currently, we have 18 participating crystallography laboratories online. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and part of the National Science Digital Library. More about Reciprocal Net.


Indiana University
Consortium for Advanced Radiation Sources
Grinnell College, Iowa
Los Alamos National Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
McMaster University
Northwestern University
Ohio State University
Oklahoma University
Princeton University
Purdue University
University of Bern, Switzerland
University of California, San Diego
University of Cincinnati
University of Iowa
University of Illinois
University of Kansas
University of Minnesota
University of Southampton
University of Sydney
University of Wisconsin
Wake Forest University
Yale University
Youngstown State University

2021 APS/CNM User Meeting, Advanced Photon Source
Chicago, IL, USA, 10th May - 14th May 2021 (Virtual)

17th European Powder Diffraction Conference - EPDIC17
Croatia, 15th Jun - 18th Jun 2021

American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting 2021
USA, 30th Jul - 4th Aug 2021

25th Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography
Czech Republic, 14th Aug - 22nd Aug 2021

33rd European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM33)
France, 24th Aug - 22nd Aug 2021

International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
Austrailia, 11th Oct - 14th Oct 2021

American Geophycial Union Fall 2021 Meeting
New Orleans, LA, USA, 13th Dec - 17th Dec 2021

Crystallography in the news

"Distortions, Deviations and Alternative Facts: Reliability in Crystallpgraphy"
William Clegg
IUCrJ 2021 8(10), 4-11

"Identifying and Characterizing Translationally Modulated Molecular Crystal Structures"
Carolyn Pratt Brock and Robin Taylor
Acta Cryst. 2020 B76(4), 630-642

"The Role of Crystallography and Other Structural Science in COVID-19 Therapies"
David Rose, with input from Brian Toby, Kristin Stevens, George Lountos, and Chelsy Chesterman
The American Crystallographic Association 2020
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