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Symmetry Operations

Planes and Reflection (σ)

Planes and Reflection
Molecules contain mirror planes.
  • σh(horizontal): plane perpendicular to principal axis
  • σd(dihedral), σv(vertical): plane olinear with principal axis
    • σd: σ parallel to Cn and bisecting two C2' axes
    • σv: Vertical, parallel to principal axis


Eye Glasses
eyeglasses with a reflection plane

Look at a pair of glasses and see the reflection symmetry from the center. There is no other symmetry.

hand with a reflection plane

Look at your hands to see reflection symmetry. Can you see any more symmetry operations?

chair with a reflection plane

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Mirror planes must either bisect the molecule or contain all atoms in a molecules. The mirror planes for H20are examples of each of these situations.

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Infinite planes
Is it hard to see infinite number of reflection planes? All of those planes contain all three atoms.

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2D structure image of benzene
How many planes can you see?

If you said 7 for the above question, you are on the right track. Guess which one is the seventh. For hint, check the water example above.

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