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Upgrading database schema at an existing site


This section applies only to existing Reciprocal Net sites that are upgrading to the newest release of the Reciprocal Net site software.† It does not apply to new sites.

The Reciprocal Net site software needs to be re-bound to the MySQL database.† The database engine on your new system does not yet have the same user accounts as were on the old system.† To remedy this, go to a command prompt and type:

drecipnet setpasswords

.† Enter the database engineís root password (invented earlier in this chapter) when prompted.† The program will exit shortly.

The next step is to upgrade the database.† This is necessary because your old systemís database files are in the format expected by site software 0.6.2.† However, the database schema has changed with this release and thus the Reciprocal Net site software on your new system will expect a different format.† Go to a command prompt and type the following:

drecipnet update

The program may run for several minutes, depending upon the size of your siteís database, and will display several status messages.† Do not interrupt it.† Eventually a Done message should appear and the program will exit.† (If the Done message does not appear, this indicates a serious problem at your site that may result in data loss.† Please do not proceed; instead, contact Reciprocal Net technical support.)

An optional next step is to rebuild the indexes in the database.† If your siteís database is up-to-date and in good health then this step will have no effect.† However, if there are some database inconsistencies, this step may well correct them automatically.† At a command prompt, type:

drecipnet rebuild

.† As before, the program may run for several minutes, depending upon the size of your siteís database, and eventually should display a Done message.† If you do not see the Done message, please contact Reciprocal Net technical support promptly.

At this point your new system should be fully equipped to resume operations on the Reciprocal Net Site Network right where your old system left off.† Continue on to the next section.

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