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Synchronizing with the Reciprocal Net site network

The next step is to synchronize your server with the other servers in the Reciprocal Net Site Network.  This step is applicable to both new sites and existing sites that are upgrading to the newest release of the Reciprocal Net site software.  During synchronization, your server sends and receives messages over the Internet, processes any updates sent by the other servers, and tracks the samples publicized by the other servers. 

The synchronization process may be lengthy because it depends upon the size of the Site Network and the activity of its member sites.  As a benchmark, consider that in January 2008 a new site should expect to receive and process about 21,000 update messages.  At a typical processing rate of 750 messages per minute, the expected processing time is 28 minutes.  This number will only increase as the Reciprocal Net Site Network continues to grow.

For existing sites, this synchronization step is optional but recommended.  If your server is up-to-date with respect to the Site Network then the process will finish in less than a minute.  If your server has fallen out-of-date, however, now is a prime opportunity to remedy the situation.

Go to a command prompt and type:

drecipnet sync

.  A bevy of status messages will be displayed, and any of them may seem to stall for several minutes.  You’ll know the process has concluded successfully when the word Done finally appears.

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