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About Reciprocal Net

The Reciprocal Net project will construct and deploy a distributed, open, extensible digital collection of molecular structures. Associated with the collection will be software tools for visualizing, interacting with, and rendering printable images of the contents; software for the automated conversion of local database representations into standard formats which can be globally shared; tools and components for constructing educational modules based on the collection; and examples of such modules as the beginning of a public repository for educational materials based on the collection.

The contents of this collection will come principally from structures contributed by participating crystallography laboratories, thus providing a means for teachers, students, and the general public to connect better with current chemistry research. The Reciprocal Net's emphasis is on obtaining structures of general interest and usefulness to those several classes of digital library users. The collection will be fully integrated into the emerging NSDL framework, constituting a resource of outstanding value for education at every level.

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