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Isopropyl ether

Diisopropyl ether is used as a solvent.

Chemical Formula: C6H14O
Other names: diisopropyl ether
Layman's explanation: Diisopropyl ether has been used an extraction agent and as a solvent in paint thinners and stain removers. It has also been considered for use as an additive to raise the octane rating of gasoline. It is released into the environment through various waste streams associated with its laboratory use and the use and manufacture of removers. Diisopropyl ether is considered mildly toxic. Short term exposures produce anesthetic effects similar to ethyl ether and irritate the eyes, the skin, and the respiratory tract. Diisopropyl ether has been found many groundwater and surface water supplies. Many ethers are known to resist biodegradation and studies suggest that diisopropyl ether is resistant as well.
Keywords: solvent, gasoline additive, extraction agent

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